NDG (Normal Debrid Gel)

NDG(Normal Debrid Gel)
Debridement gel for normal wounds with precursors is used to treat infected wounds with precursors (yellow or yellow-black infectious wounds) to bring the wound to the granulation stage so that additional treatment can be performed. Normal debridement gel removes dead tissue (slough and necrosis) from the wound surface without causing sensitivity and damage to healthy tissue, and due to the presence of mesenchymal stem cell extract, growth factors, cytokines, extracellular matrix and bioactives, it provides qualitative treatment and Damaged tissue heals wounds quickly with minimal scars and keloids. . This product is a type of bioactive gel. Normal debride gel acts autolytically and removes dead tissue (necrosis) from the wound surface without damaging healthy tissue. An external factor such as inflammation - bacterial toxin - trauma and wound can lead to necrosis.

Features of normal dibrid gel:

► Autolytic debridement without causing bleeding and pain

► Non-aggressive

◄ Moisturization of dry and necrotic tissues

► No cytotoxicity

► Anti-allergic and skin irritation

► Anti-adhesion of the dressing to the wound surface

◄ Eliminates infection and yellow or yellow-black in old and normal wounds

Normal Life Cell debridement gel:

Life Cell normal debridement gel is used to remove dead tissue and necrosis on the wound, which are usually yellow or yellow-black in color. Life Cell gel dressing is based on water, which effectively removes and softens the slough and necrotic tissue of the wound.
Normal Life Cell Debridement Gel (Normal Gel)
Life Cell gel dressing is based on water, it effectively removes and softens the old and necrotic tissue of the wound. By eliminating necrotic wound tissue, this gel provides a suitable environment for the natural growth of granulation tissue.

Application of Life Cell normal gel:

Normal gel is used in wounds with exuding tissue and yellow or yellow-black infected wounds.
How to use Lifecell debridement gel kit
• Choose the debridement gel based on the type of wound.
• Open the package from the specified place.
• Put the necessary amount of gel on the wound.
• Cut the secondary dressing to the size of the wound and place it on the gel.
• Put sterile gauze on the legal bandage and bandage it.
• Use every 48 hours on dry and hard tissues.
• In other cases, you can reduce the duration of using the gel to 24 hours.
The most important effective ingredient of this product is amniotic membrane extract along with mesenchymal stem cell extract and contains growth factors and important cytokines for wound healing, neutrophils and interleukin antagonists in addition to fibronectin and collagen, glycoproteins and glycosaminoglycans, which can be effective in treating wounds without creating scars and keloids. The growth factors present in the product by affecting the fibroblast cells in the target area cause their proliferation and the secretion of extracellular matrix and facilitate cell migration. Other features of the amniotic membrane include low immunogenicity and antigenicity, prevention of keloids and scar tissue formation, quick attachment to the wound surface and facilitating cell differentiation and attachment, inducing and facilitating cell migration, ability to be used on all body levels, reducing inflammation and pain in the area, creating a homogeneous bed. In tissue regrowth, reducing the possibility of tumor regrowth, not having the risk of graft rejection, not having local and systemic toxicity, and preventing the proliferation of bacteria on the surface of the product are prominent features.

Debridement gel product quality control

Controlling the quality of skin page products: Quality control of Life Cell products includes a complete wide network of donor screening and complete and accurate virology and serology tests, which is in accordance with the global standards set by EU-directive 23/2004, quality control in accordance with FDA guidelines. America (HCT/P) (21 CFR Part 1271) and according to the American AATB tissue engineering standards, and in the biotechnology process of producing these sterile products, all screenings are performed in terms of chronic, infectious, neurological, autoimmune, and malignant diseases, as well as serological and bacteriological quality control tests. It is done according to TEMP and American AATB standards.