Lifescell Products overview

Lifescell develops innovative healing , cosmetic , anti aging and hygiene solutions worldwide . These products incorporate human based placental allografts processed with the Company’s proprietary method at ensures the tissue retains its full biologic activity to reduce inflammation, promote healing, minimize scarring, inhibit the angiogenic process , maximize the anti aging and cosmetic aims

Lifescell products

Lifescell Bio-products , are categorized to three fields i.e

* Therapeutic products

* Cosmetic products

* Bio-Supplements products

Lifescell products Storage

The lifescell cryopreserved products like as amniotic membranes and micronized gels , with the cold chain preservation could be stored at a temperature of 0-20 ° C up to - 80 ° C with two years shelf life

The lifescell leofreezed-dryed products like as lifescell vial type products could be stored at normal ambient temperature (8 ° C to 20 ° C) with two years shelf life. Lifescell Vials, after opening and mixing of liquid and powder, the solution should be kept in a refrigerator and used within 4 days