Lifescell muscle reconstruction product ( MSR )
.MSR is a highly reliable, stable and safe Muscle tissue reconstruction product
MSR is derived from the bio-nutrient and chemotactic factors of placental allograft which shows strong resemblance to the human Muscle tissue with regard to chemical composition, porosity . The pronounced viscosity of the MSR supports a fast uptake of patient comfort , thus improving applications
The unique manufacturing process based on biotechnology removes all organic and potentially antigenic components,making the material absolutely safe and free of discomfort
MSR is the leading material , as demonstrated by its clinical and scientific success
MSR product as a Muscle tissue reconstruction allograft is a effective compound of different part of placental allograft . it is extracted from placenta and enriched by biofactors of amniotic and chorionic membrane by the growth factors and cytokines and also viscose materials of embilical cord
MSR is a safe, reliable substitute with controlled resorption properties and excellent handling characteristics
MSR product as a biotechnologic compound is produced in applicable size as 3cc
MSR Product Mechanism of action
Innovative lifescell Muscle tissue regeneration has become the new standard for reconstruction healing and repair. The goal of muscle tissue regeneration is to reconstruct or repair and replace damaged or diseased muscle tissue with healthy muscle tissue that is fully functional by bioactive elements . Muscle tissue reconstruction is primarily composed of cells , extracellular matrixes and chemotactic factors like as growth factors and cytokines

Cells are the biological building blocks of muscle tissue. They maintain the function of the muscle tissue by synthesizing proteins or metabolizing waste. Single cells communicate with one another and respond to stimuli in their surrounding environments. Cells secrete and maintain extracellular matrix (ECM) which is the structural component of muscle tissues reconstruction
Cells interact with each other and the ECM through direct contact as well as soluble signaling molecules, including cytokines, growth factors, hormones, steroids, enzymes, and other chemicals. These signals stimulate a chain reaction or cascade which alters cell behavior, both in the releasing cell itself, as well as other neighboring cells of a muscle tissue

Mechanism of action for MSR is relevant to The anti inflammatory bio actives to control of inflammatory parameters and also as a infra structure for cell immigration for reconstruction and healing which suggests support for local stem cells and transient amplifying local cells and promotes cell differentiation while excluding inflammatory cells and their protease activities
The composition is reflected into the controlled resorption behavior of MSR, which results in an initial integration of the particles followed by a complete resorption. While the fast resorption of some factors continuously increases the porosity of the material promoting muscle tissue integration by allowing ingrowth of cells and blood vessels, the other component provides volume stability for an extended time period

This action assists healing muscle tissue reconstruction, consist of different bioactive elements to make muscle tissue reconstruction in the body and including but not limited to following bioactive elements

• Multiple bioactive factors: Stimulate growth, cell division, and accelerate the treatment and repair of various types of Muscle tissue defects. MSR properties are

( Extra Cellular Matrix (ECM) composed of proteoglycan, glycosaminoglycan, glycoprotein, collagen (I, III, IV, VI, VII
fibronectin, laminin, and elastin, and forms scaffolding to cover the tissue reconstruction

Simulation and repair of lost muscle tissues due to the ability to differentiate and transform the immigrated stem cells

Simulation and repair of lost muscle tissues due to the ability to differentiate and transform the immigrated stem cells including the muscle tissue of the transplantation place

Full biocompatibility and lack of of immunologic reactions due to the antigenicity and immunogenicity of the MSR as well as DNA Diminished during the complex preparation and production process

Induction and accelerated cellular migration at the local stages due to extracellular matrix, and an appropriate substrate for healing

Lack of local and systemic poisoning due to the absence of toxic and MSRcinogenic substances

Reduce inflammation due to inhibiting pro-inflammatory cytokines and inhibiting the activity of local neutrophil chemokine, macrophages, and also inhibition of T cell and B cell proliferation and apoptosis

Reduce the risk of fibrosis

Prevent excessive muscle tissue growth by stopping abnormal vascular growth
MSR product Directions & Aplications

Reconstruction of damaged Muscle tissue -

Anti scar muscle wound healing -

Lifescell products Technology & immunity in production

The production line of Lifescell product is based on innovative PLACENTAL ALLOGRAFT muscle tissue engineering regulated by biotechnology standards and protocols. After selecting the donor, firstly the medical history of the person is carefully assessed and screened with the priority of the diseases transmittable through the blood. All donor mothers are screened for chronic, infectious, neurological, autoimmune, malignant, and other environmental factors

According to the AATB standard, these tests are repeated for the patient after the Window Period (NAT tests

Screening tests

HIV-1 & HIV-2 Antibody -

HIV Type 1 (Nucleic Acid Test -

Hepatitis B Core Antibody -

Hepatitis B Surface Antigen -

Hepatitic C Antibody -

Hepatitic C Virus (Nucleic Acid Test -

CMV Total Antibody -

Syphilis (Serological Test -

Lifescell MSR product COA ( Certificate of Analysis

Site of Manufacturing: lifescell -

Date of Manufacturing: 1398.01.08 -

Release Date: 1396.01.23 -

Certificate of Analysis No.: QC/CAS96016 Expiration Date at room temperature 1400.01.08 -

Drug product batch No.: CAS96016 -

Site of Manufacturing-1 (Copy)

The certificate of analysis data ie accredited by quality control department of lifescell biotechnology site and production line is in accordance with GMP articles and FDA regulation for good muscle tissue practices ( 21 CFR 1270,71) also in accordance to ministry of health regulations