HTP ( Hair Transplantation Protection Medium )

HTP , as a haircare and hair transplantation medium , is a biological medium soloution used in hair transplantation process , as a Intracellular Holding solution, for follicle and hair graft survival so should not be injected.

Mechanism of actions for HTP , are originated from Growth Factors (GFs-IGFs) & Cytokines , Mesenchymal stemcells (MCSCs) antibodies , Hyaluronic acid , Extra Cellular Matrix (ECM) , Coenzymes , Bioactive nutrients & molecules to promote hair follicles survival and remodeling via FUT &FIT transplantation .

During hair transplantation process in FIT & FUT , the HTP product , as a bio-hypothermic medium , Increases viability of follicle cells & hair transplant survival rate , Increase viability of follicle cells after hair transplant & qualified head skin wound repair , Preventing of hair loss & reinforce stem cells of hair follicles during hair transplantation .

HTP , is an optimized hypothermic preservation media that enables improved and extended preservation of hair follicle cells during hair transplantation and includes key bioactives , growth factors , cytokines , ions that balance the intracellular state , energy substrates, free radical scavengers, and osmotic/oncotic stabilizers.

It is used before the donor strip and/or follicular units are extracted , through the dissection and graft holding stages re-implantation and after hair implantation to avoid follicle Cell Damage During Hair Transplant ation and also make the hair thicker and stronger.

HTP Ingredient : Growth factors (GFs-IGFs) &Ccytokines , Mesenchymal stemcells (MCSCs) antibodies , Coenzymes , Bioactive nutrients & molecules like as antioxidants , free radicals neutralizers , biological balancers & regenerative bio elements for follicle survival and remodeling .