BRC ( Bio Rejuvenation Cream)

BRC as a bio rejuvenating cream and Youth activating bio product with extraordinary sensory-treating properties , fuses innovative active bio ingredients with advanced technologies that work beyond the structure of the skin to activate its youth and acting directly on DNA for extraordinary results with Mature skin , Intense rejuvenating facial care , Especially indicated to combat the lack of firmness, wrinkles and pronounced expression lines.

BRC action , Restores skin firmness and fights flaccidity , Stimulates the synthesis of serotonin, the so-called “hormone of happiness” , Improves cellular processes, enhancing the repairing, regenerative and energetic abilities of the skin.

BRC Results , Immediate lifting effect on face and neck , Reduces neck flaccidity by up to 56% in 3 weeks , Eliminates signs of fatigue such as eye bags, dark circles and expression lines , Face restored, relaxed and luminous , Plump, elastic skin, faded wrinkles and intensely rejuvenated f


BRC contains natural organic bio ingredients, skilfully blended to leave the skin of your face, neck and chest rejuvenated and moisturised.ace.

BRC is designed to fight free radicals, improve the appearance of face, neck and chest, as an aid against fatigue and to treat the signs of aging. A formula rich in refining and antiaging bioactive compounds and antioxidants, which help the skin look more even and relaxed, for a renewed soft feeling , effective and functional skincare to keep your skin healthy .

BRC ingredients : Growth factors (GFs-IGFs) &Ccytokines , Mesenchymal stemcells (MCSCs) antibodies , Hyaluronic acid , Extra Cellular Matrix (ECM) , Coenzymes , Bioactive nutrients & molecules like as antioxidants , free radicals neutralizers , biological skin balancers & regenerative bio elements .

In vitro test:

In vitro assessment of the protective effect of a cosmetic product against oxidative stress.
In vitro tests showed that the Rejuvenation Cream has antioxidant properties. The treatment of fibroblast cell cultures with Rejuvenation Cream protected the cells from the harmful effects of oxidative stress and kept them viable
Cosmetic rating: Dermatologically tested with patch test. Nickel tested (≤0,1% ppm)

• Untreated control cells

• Cells treated for 24 hours withH2O2 0.5 mM

• Cells treated for 24 hours withH2O2 0.5 mM and different concentrations of Rejuvenation Cream