General Surgery

Amniotic Stemcells ( MCSCs)
Lifescell surgery wound care products
Lifescell surgery wound care products are categorized to General surgery/ OBGYN/ Vascular Surgery / Ear, Nose, and Throat products as the following

- LCP( lifescell patch and amniotic membrane ) used for spread surgery wounds

- LCM( lifescell micronized Gel) used for cavity , flap surgery wounds

Mechanism of actions for surgical product

Mechanism of actions for surgery wound healing effects are originated from followings :

Multiple bioactive Growth factors and cytokines : Stimulate growth, cell division, and accelerate the treatment and repair of various types of wounds.these factors are Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) , Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF) , Fibroblast Growth Factor (FGF) , Platelet Derived Growth Factor (PDGF) ,….


Extra Cellular Matrix (ECM) composed of proteoglycan, glycosamin oglycan, glycoprotein, collagen (I, III, IV, VI, VIII), fibronectin, laminin, and elastin, and forms scaffolding to cover the surgery woundsurface


Mesenchymal cells, which are a type of stem cells, have the ability to be differentiated and transformed into the cells of other tissues including transplantation tissue

Lifescell biotechnology

Life Cell production process is based on new born tissue engineering biotechnologic bio-implants production articles and done in Clean Rooms by Classification 100 , 1000 (According to FED STD 209E) . According to the AATB standard, After selecting the best quality donors , they are screened for chronic, infectious, neurological, autoimmune, malignant, and other environmental factors and the following tests are repeated for the patient after the Window Period (NAT tests)

Screening tests

- HIV-1 & HIV-2 Antibody

- HIV Type 1 (Nucleic Acid Test)

- HTLV-1 & HTLV-2 Antibody

- Hepatitis B Core Antibody

- Hepatitis B Surface Antigen

- Hepatitic C Antibody

- CMV Total Antibody

- Syphilis (Serological Test)