Lifescell products dirtections

Lifescell Bio-products , are categorized to three directions for application i.e
* Therapeutic products dirtections
* Cosmetic products dirtections
* Bio-Supplements products dirtections
Lifescell therapeutic dirtections

Lifescell Therapeutic products have been produced maintaining all the beneficial features of high levels of growth factors (GFs-IGFs) , cytokines , Mesenchymal stemcells (MCSCs) , Hyaluronic acid (crosslinked carbohydrate), Extra Cellular Matrix (ECM) composed of proteoglycan, glycosaminoglycan, glycoprotein, collagen (I, III, IV, VI, VIII), fibronectin, laminin, elastin, Bioactive nutrients & molecules , extracted from Placental tissues as biologic entry of production line have been shown in over the thousands literatures in the world to be naturally as , anti-inflammatory, anti-fibrotic, anti-microbial, and immune privileged, to modulate inflammation, promote tissue remodeling and reduce scar tissue formation in clinical applications and directions for soft and hard tissue reconstruction & regenerating in therapeutic directions like as

* Orthopedic/Sports Medicine/Spine

* Wound care /acute and chronic, full and partial thickness wounds repair

* General surgery/ flap surgery/OBGYN/ Vascular Surgery / Ear, Nose, and Throat

* Ophthalmology surgeries

* Bone allografts /bone bio implants

* Dental bio implants

Lifescell products provide distinct biologic and safety advantages over traditional human allograft or xenograft tissue sources. Placental tissues provide the most abundant and viable source of an extracellular matrix (ECM); this ECM contains all of the natural biologic components which develop, maintain and repair the body’s various tissues.

Lifescell Cosmetic directions

Lifescell Cosmetic products have been produced maintaining , high levels of growth factors (GFs-IGFs) , cytokines , Mesenchymal stemcells (MCSCs) , Hyaluronic acid (crosslinked carbohydrate), Extra Cellular Matrix (ECM) , Bioactive nutrients & molecules and much more regenerative bio elements for soft tissue reconstruction & regenerating like as following directions

*Skin rejuvenation ( Anti wrinkle & pigment , Cellulite and fat reduction , Anti Acne Scar
skin lifting and firming , skin brightening and shining radiance

* Hair care ( hair loss protection , hair follicle protection medium via transplantation

Lifescell Bio-supplement directions

Lifescell Bio-supplement Golden Anti-Aging, Metabolism Booster products , have regenerative bio elements and unique combination of specialized Bioactive IGFs (insulin growth factors) & MCSC Antibodies , herbal extracts, vitamins, and minerals (like as extract of Red bell pepper , Papaya , Blueberries , Broccoli , Spinach , Nuts , Avocado , Sweet potatoes , Pomegranate seeds , Watercress , … ) designed to enhance metabolism at the cellular level and give you the best level of energy as a Biotechnologic Thermogenic Energy booster Mix , which fights Fatigue & Inflammation and as a Weight Loss Antioxidants mix


Lifescell bio supplement products , have naturally reconstructive co-factors best known for its role in potentially maintaining strong and healthy cell reconstruction and differentiation , and may generate a physically body reconstruction.

These golden bio supplement products also can cause stimulation of body stem cells to reproduce the yough in required area of body and strengthen the immune system and delay aging, anti-tumor effect, it maintain the integrity and stability of cells , reconstruct the liver and Kidney and damaged tissues and organs and also for skin rejuvenation

This products are designed for those who feel a physical change with age and would like to keep their youthfulness through at-home self-care and golden bio nutrients. These products are

* LCE ( Lifescell Elexir Tabs for Body Anti-Aging & Metabolism Booster )

* LCD ( Lifescell elixir drink for Anti-Aging & Metabolism Booster)