Bio-Supplements anti - aging products

Bio-Supplements anti - aging products

Lifescell Bio-Supplement products , As Golden Anti-Aging , Metabolism Booster products are

- LCE ( Lifescell Elexir for Body Anti-Aging & Metabolism Booster )

- LCD ( Lifescell elixir drink for Anti-Aging & Metabolism Booster )

Lifescell elixir products(LCE & LED) are unique combination of specialized Bioactive IGFs (insulin growth factors) & MCSC Antibodies , herbal extracts, vitamins, and minerals (like as extract of Red bell pepper , Papaya , Blueberries , Broccoli , Spinach , Nuts , Avocado , Sweet potatoes , Pomegranate seeds , Watercress , … ) designed to enhance metabolism at the cellular level and give you the best level of energy as a Biotechnologic Thermogenic Energy booster Mix , which fights Fatigue & Inflammation and as a Weight Loss Antioxidants mix

naturally reconstructive co-factors best known for its role in potentially maintaining strong and healthy cell reconstruction and differentiation , and may generate a physically body reconstruction also can cause stimulation of body stemcells to reproduce the yough in required area of body and strengthen the immune system and delay aging, anti-tumor effect, it maintain the integrity and stability of cells , reconstruct the liver and damaged tissues and organs and also for skin rejuvenation

LCE & LED ingredients like as IGFs , Supper foods & healing herbs as vital ingredients , provide miracle molecules , powerful antioxidant & phyto bio-nutrient work at the cellular level to support the mitochondria , the power house of the cell , keeping your body feeling younger & healthy and aid in lowering the risk of disease & prolonging life

Beautiful, glowing and powerfull body

By nourishing ourselves with these anti-aging elexirs ( LCE &LED ) , we can gain optimized fuel to look and feel our best.The rich IGFs and Bionutrients are usually a sign of stronger radical fighting abilities to keep your body and skin healthy and vibrant. It’s time to slow down signs of aging and truly glow from within!

Lifescell biotechnology

Life Cell production process is based on new born tissue engineering biotechnologic bio-implants production articles and done in Clean Rooms by Classification 100 , 1000 (based on FED STD 209E) . Production line of bio-supplements for Body Anti-Aging & Metabolism energy Booster is an innovative biotechnologic production line

Benefits of Lifescell elixir products (LCE & LED )

Body reconstruction & rehabilitation

by IGFs ( as insulin growth factors ) , MCSs ABs ( as mesenchaimal stemcells anti bodies cytokines)


Stay alert & focused

bioactive extracts enhanced brain function and mental focus


Natural energy booster
by quick – Thermo-Boost increase of daily bio nutrient intake and provision of clean, sustainable energy booster for healthy aging of optimum nutrition , vitamins, herbs and active ingredient


Anti aging
by Antioxidant cellular repair and fight free radicals


Weight loss
Using natural thermogenics fat burning ingredients enhancing and helping you to reach your goal weight faster. it helps reduce and control your appetite giving you the power to eat better and not give into cravings


Ultravitality pack
a unique user-friend packaging product